0.1 Everything you need for Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization

We are in the process of writing a 2nd edition of this resource, which can be found at: https://edav.info/. The 1st edition will no longer be updated.

This resource has everything you need and more to be successful with R, this course, and beyond. Let’s get started!

With this resource, we try to give you a curated collection of tools and references that will make it easier to learn how to work with data in R.

In addition, we include sections on basic chart types/tools so you can learn by doing.

There are also several walkthroughs where we work with data and discuss problems as well as some tips/tricks that will help you.

We hope this resource serves you well!

This resource is specifically tailored to the GR5702 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization course offered at Columbia University. However, anyone interested in working with data in R will benefit from perusing these pages. Happy coding!

A French translation is also available!

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Zach Bogart: Website / Twitter / GitHub

Joyce Robbins: Columbia Profile / GitHub

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