14 ggalluvial-cheat-sheet

Qingyi Zhang (qz2419)

I have chosen ggalluvial package as my topic.

First, I described what ggalluvial is and what its function is.

Then I introduced it from two aspect since there are two Format of alluvial graph: Wide format and Lodes(Long) Format.

After introducing the basic information and code, I also make some changes to the basic graph which can help analyst more efficiently analyze the data from different aspects.

cheat sheet link: https://github.com/Seleven711/ggalluvial-cheat-sheet/blob/5bcefce6b22d94e6877ca74726312d4d4d334e77/qz2419cc.pdf

if the above link does not work, use this link instead: https://cheatography.com//seleven/cheat-sheets/ggalluvial/pdf/