120 pygal tutorial

Huanyu Jiang (UNI: hj2593)

There are lots of tools out there for us to visualize data. In my tutorial, I showed how to use the Python API Pygal. Pygal is designed to draw various kinds of charts to display data. I drew Line charts, bar graphs, pie graphs as examples to show my audience how to use pygal. I think my tutorial is very helpful as I formatted it in a straightforward way: I showed very specific examples along with the code, and I also added audio to explain the code. During the process, I got my self more familiar with pygal and I got to know how to explain something in a clear and concise way. Next time, I would show my audience with more applications of pygal and more customized styles for different type of data.

My work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsqGm_acqzI

Reference: http://www.pygal.org/en/stable/documentation/ index.html